Great Planning, Huge Backfire

If I can only wait 10 more minutes before I eat, then I will have less day and more food.

Only a dieter can understand that statement.

When your food is rationed–yes rationed, you don’t want to be hungry at the end of the day.

If you finish your food at 6 p.m., what do you do for the rest of the day? We could go to bed, but then the next day you will wake up even earlier and finish your food by 2 p.m.

How do you solve this issue? My great plan was to wait as long as possible before I eat my food.  However, today and unfortunately, more days than I want to admit, those extra minutes often makes things worse.

Today, because I had to take a fasting blood test, I ate my breakfast about 10:30.  I didn’t rush in and nuke my breakfast the minute I got home. I was a little leisurely about preparing my food.


The food is in the microwave.  Microwave is next to the pantry–I thought it was free of my trigger foods.


Hidden far back in the nether regions of my pantry I suddenly spied

a bag –mostly empty–thank goodness–of nuts and chocolate pieces. Don’t ask about the expiration date–that is irrelevant at this point. I wasn’t looking for this, but all of a sudden it was in my hand and then without warning, the “organic mix” was in my mouth.

I knew I should put it down, but I was so hungry and my diet food was still cooking in the microwave.

Yes, the bag was empty before my brain kicked in.

Guilt!   Failure!  Guilt! Failure!

These words keep running through my mind.

Yes, I ate my breakfast, but since I ate late I was not hungry at noon.  I know I won’t eat until 4 p.m. when I get home.  I am filling up on tea and diet coke, so I will not be starving.  I hope!

Now that I have recognized that this is a problem for me  I won’t try to stretch the time.  I will have to plan a little more so I can ration my food and not run out of food before the day runs out.

The good news is that today I will run out of day before I run out of food.

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  1. Virginia I like this story as a dieter myself it really rang true. I have gained 12 pounds since I retired. I guess it’s because my bodiy is trying to get used to this new schedule. I’m trying to lose 12 pounds and the story really spoke to me thank you.

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