Mind Over My Aching Body

My mind believes it is 25 years old.

However, my body KNOWS it is 40 years older than that!

Today, the sun was shining and it was in the 60’s and I wanted to see Munich.  I’ve always loved to walk around a city.

So…today I decided to walk to the Englischer Garten which according to the concierge was about 3 kilometers from the hotel.


Englischer Garten
Munich, Germany


Okay, three kilometers is a little more than a mile and a half.  I walk a mile and a half often so that will be easy peesy for me

I walked and walked and walked and walked, hoping I would cross the Ludwig Bridge and I would  walk along the river and head to the garden.

I walked and walked and walked some more. I carried the map, but I couldn’t find the streets on the map–nor could I find a bridge or a river.

I did find a beautiful tree lined path and I marveled at the old architecture of the city.  But, after an hour of walking–I realized I had walked a lot more than a mile and a half.   So, I conceded defeat and turned around. (And for those who know me, it takes a lot to concede defeat.


Once I turned around, my  legs started to feel a little achy.   It took only a few more minutes for my lower back to feel out of whack.  I was holding myself tight and leaning a little to the right so my lower back wouldn’t move.  I was afraid if I changed positions, my back  would go out and then how in the heck would I get back to the hotel?

I made it through the tree lined path, but then my legs started to feel wobbly.  I had water with me, so I drank, hoping it would give me a little more strength.  Nope–it didn’t work.

Again, I walked what seemed like twenty five miles–it wasn’t.  My  body was feeling very off balance.  As I walked, I tried to keep my back in one position, so I looked like a drunken woman walking the streets.  The sidewalk dipped to my left and that made it more difficult to balance–remember I have to keep my lower back in one place. Several times I had to lean against the walk sign poles so I wouldn’t fall over.

I walked and walked some more and I felt as if the whole world was moving faster than I was.  A old lady shuffling along with a walker zoomed past me and left me in the dust!



I was moving in slow motion.  I only had nine more blocks to walk, but those were the longest blocks I ever walked.

Well, I finally dragged my exhausted body into the hotel.  I was thinking of sitting in the lobby, but then I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get up and I didn’t want a handsome German man to carry me upstairs.–well–on second thought–that might not have been a bad idea.

I made it to my room!  I sat down and my legs throbbed.

My mind was happy to walk, but my body was screaming at me–loudly!!!  It said, “Are you crazy?  Don’t do that to me again!”

I used to think that age was merely how you felt mentally–wrong–it is how your body feels physically!

Maybe I have learned my lesson.  But, I think once I stop hurting my mind will tell my body that it can do anything it used to do at 25.   My body will once again, get revenge.


Post Script

Number One came home  about two hours later and we took the underground to visit the Englischer Garten–very beautiful.  Then we walked all around Mariene Platz.  By the time the day ended, I had walked 9.64 MILES–NOT KILOMETERS.  Yes, my body had its revenge all night long!





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