Cravings, craVINGS, CRAVINGS!!!!!


Usually, I crave chocolate. But on Jenny, I get my chocolate fix daily, so that is not a problem.




Stress = Sugar Cravings

Feeling Overwhelmed = Sugar Cravings

Yes, Saturday and Sunday I was both very stressed and was extremely overwhelmed.

My simple controlled chocolate fix was not working for me.

I craved cookies–no not chocolate chip cookies, but Almond Windmilll Cookies.

What the heck was wrong with me.  I never crave that.  Ok, it was available.  I bought them for my husband who had just had surgery.  These are his favorites and I was trying to spoil him.


2 cookies.  2 more cookies.  I had to have more.  I wasn’t satisfied and I wasn’t full.  3 more cookies, 2 more cookies.  I think that was all, but I could have had even more because I was focusing on feeding an insatiable hunger.  A blind, undefined need,

Finally,  my husband said, “You better stop or aren’t you on your diet now?”


First, smoke billowed from the top of my head.  Then I thought, “Why can’t I have a few cookies?”  Then, “Why does he have to tell me what to do?”  “I can eat whatever I want.”

“No, I am still on my diet, ” I grumbled. ” I am not perfect, I ate something that was not on my diet–the world will not fall apart,” I argued a little too loudly.


“Why did I do that?”
“I’m going to look like a failure in front of my Jenny counselor.  She will think I am not serious.’

“But I am serious.  I have been perfect all week.  I carried food in a cooler to my husband’s surgery just so  I can be on target.”

What do I do?  I will faithfully eat all my Jenny portions for dinner and afterwards.

Do I weigh in?   Yes, I have to weigh in.  What will my counselor do?   Yell at me?  Maybe.

Hit me?  No.

Give up on me?   That I don’t know.

Let you know later.

P.S.  I have a guardian angel.   I lost two pounds!!!!!

My guardian angel may not be that good to me again, so I have to find a way to stop those cravings.



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