What a sick car!

How would you picture a sick car?

Well, let me tell you, in my mind a sick car is rusted, dented, the paint is peeling, and perhaps a window has plastic instead of glass.

Something like this:



No matter where you are, point of view is very important.  When you look left out of the side window, the view of the driver  is very different from the view of the passenger.

My daughter was chauffeuring me around.  She usually offers to drive when she is out of gas.  She finds it is easier  to spend my money on gas, than her money.

We were stopped at an intersection close to the Del Mar fairgrounds, when she suddenly said, “Look at that sick car!”

She pointed to the left and when I looked up I saw a sorry looking little red car that had seen better days.  The finish was dull, the paint was peeling and the bumper was dented.  I started telling her about the a family member’s car that looked like that.

My daughter turned to me and looked at me as if I had grown antenna and fairy wings.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, worried that mom’s dementia had set in very early.  To redeem myself, I pointed to the red car on the left.

“No!  Not that car, the car on my left.”  To be fair to me my red car was on the left, but it was behind her sick car.

She pointed out her side window.

This is Jasmine’s definition of a sick car.



We were both speaking English,  but our vocabulary definitions are not the same.

Please tell me.  What is your definition of sick?

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