Time to Change

Or is it merely time to change the clocks.


Daylight Saving–yes there is no “s”— is a wonderful manmade way to control and bend time.

I enjoy the long days.

But, I hate changing the clocks.  Do you know how many clocks and watches are in a house?

Three in the kitchen, two in master bedroom, one in each of the 4 other bedrooms,  one in each study, and one in the garage,

and then, don’t get me started on the watches.  I have 10 inexpensive fun ones, several fancy ones and the list

goes on.

This year I rebelled


and started to use my mind and a little math.  Yes, you don’t often hear me talking about

using a little math, but I did.

We had an event the end of April and I pulled out one of my good watches.  Of course it was set to Daylight Saving Time.

Was it out of rebellion that I didn’t change the time on the watch or was it pure laziness?  I like to believe it is the first reason.


So, what did I do for those three weeks?

I used math.

Every time I looked at my watch, I used my brain and my math skills and just

subtracted one hour and I knew the time.


I think I have to start a movement–no pun intended.


Revolt and refuse to turn the clocks forward or back.


Whatever time your timepiece is set to, just use you brain and know that you have to add or subtract.

Then we will constantly be using our brains and the old will keep thinking and the young will learn.

It works when I travel, I just keep my watch on Pacific Time and figure out the time in the country I am in, either by adding or subtracting hours.


Who is with me?

Don’t change the time on your clock!

Don’t change the time on your clock!


Somehow I don’t hear a chorus of voices behind me.

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