Move It, Move It, Move It–Raw-hide and Stiff Muscles


I am a Night Owl!


I really enjoy walking, biking, and swimming–in warm water–around 11 a.m. or 12 noon.

I also really like my  morning sleep,  To some of you, you may wonder why these are not compatible.


My “trainer”–or should I say “torturer” is my daughter.  Somehow along the way she turned into a morning person.  She jumps out of bed at 5 a.m., drives to Starbuck and gets a Venti coffee drink.  When that is finished she enjoys a Red Bull energy drink.

While all this is happening, I am happily  slumbering in my bed.

With a burst of excess energy, she throws open the bedroom doors and announces, “Get up! Get Up!  She pulls up the shades as loudly as possible–singing something nonsensical.  She is so hyped on caffeine that sounds just babble out of her mouth.

I quietly shudder and play dead.  She plays doctor and lifts one eye open and I moan as the bright light glares in my eyes.

Get Up!  We are going to the gym this morning! she proclaims.

When she gets no response from me, she is not deterred.  She yanks off my cozy, warm comforter and then she really gets evil. 

In a flash my blankets and sheet are at the bottom of the bed.

I am still playing dead.  However, nothing stops my caffeinated daughter,  She proceeds to pull my legs off the bed.  She has a down to an art now.  She used to just pull and I would land with a thud on the floor.  Now she pulls and tugs and drags my legs and torso so I am in a sitting position.  I am seated, but far from awake.  It is 6:30 a.m.   I closed my  eyes at 11:45 p.m.  THAT IS NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!

She is talking so fast that I have no idea what she saying and at the same time she is pushing me into my closet to get dressed.

I somehow manage to pull on some clothes, brush my teeth and stumble down the steps.

Obviously, she is driving, because she has a good sense of self-preservation.

I move in slow motion as I trudge up the stairs to the gym.  (Why is the gym on the second floor?  Don’t we get enough exercise without climbing 50 steps?)  As you guessed, she races up the steps and heads to the elliptical.

I head to the bicycle.  I do so for two reasons, I am trying to get my biking muscles back so I can get back on the road and bike 15 miles, and the second reason is that sitting is closer to reclining than standing and I don’t have to stay awake.  Also, if I slow down on the bike, I won’t do a face plant like I would on the treadmill.

After a hour on the bike and a few minutes playing with the weight machines, I must admit that I feel good and I am glad that I exercised and finished it early.

My day is filled with errands, writing and studying German and too many trips to the doctor.

When I look for my daughter about three p.m., she is in her room.


Is turn around is fair play?



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