A Whole New World!

Now that I am Darth Virginia,–if you don’t get it–look at the previous post, my world is not outer space but under space.

I could never look under the water in a pool because I was afraid of drowning–you know water up the nose, in the mouth and in the ears, and there was no way I was getting my face wet.

So with this very special piece of equipment, I can see what others have seen all their lives.

Do you know your hands create small bubbles when you swim free-style?

When you swim in the morning, the reflection of the sun on the bottom of the pool reminds me of the static machines that allow you to see the arcing electricity.

But in the pool the arcing is magnified and multiplied  a hundred times over.

The lights shimmer, sparkle and undulate with the choppy  waves under the agitated water.

You almost feel as if you are in an underwater disco.

But in the afternoon, it is a totally different scene.

The bottom of the pool has a few blemishes, just like the rest of us.

But her blemishes stir the imagination.

I have time to imagine because I am swimming face down in the water for 40 minutes straight.

These blemishes in the coating create a wonderful world of creatures.

There is a Picasso horse and a three headed lobster, but after looking at it for a while you can also see an alligator with a bird on its snout.

The pudgy  giraffe with a thick neck and  too short legs  is being chased by the dinosaur whose head is a huge, white, drain cover.

I can’t  decide if it is more zoo or farm, but there is a sheep on his knees with his feet sticking straight out.  The bird perched on his legs stares at the pointed party hat on his head.

These stone-age figures are outlined better than my images, but I think you get the idea.


I think most of the continents are down there, but the African continent is the best preserved.  To my astonishment, Egypt is shaped correctly and is shaded a  different color.


I’m heading out to the pool in a few hours, I’ll let you know if something else is lurking below.



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